Gonna take a trip

Well, it's been almost a year and we're finally able to take a trip back "home" to Tennessee. It's been way too long and I miss everyone so bad.

I'm not looking forward to the trip though, 5 hours in a car with the girls is bad enough, but that lovely rock slide on I-40 changes our plans big time. Now we will have to go south to Atlanta then up to TN to get there. It only adds an hour and is much better than the detour they DOT tells you to take. Also, I'm hoping that since the DOT tells you to go another way it will mean less traffic for us.

That is a horrible section of road and this isn't the first time there has been major rock slides. I'm thinking they need to post some exit signs on the side of the mountain so the next time rocks want to fall they know where to go without taking out the road. Or maybe there is some better solution to prevent all this mess.