My first car accident

I got into my first car accident the other day. I hydroplaned into a guard rail. No one was hurt thankfully. but I am glad I listened to my gut and called the police to fill out an accident report. I wasn't sure who to call so I called 911 call center services and they connected me to the local police.

The whole thing is an amazing story really, I wasn't going too fast, and there wasn't a ton of water on the road, it wasn't raining but had rained earlier. it was enough water that I slid and started to spin. I put on the breaks not thinking, which slowed me down, but I smashed into the guard rail. As soon as it happened I called Eugene to find out what to do and the very first car that drove by just happened to be a man from my church. He stopped and a pilot on the way home stopped too. Together they changed my tire and got me to a safer place on the other side of the street to wait for the police. The guy from my church was so nice, not only did he change the tire he stayed with me until the police came, sat in the car with Caylee while I was in the police car and followed me most of the way home until I told him I was ok and he should just go home.

I am so thankful I waited for the police even though I got a ticket and have to go spend a day in court (the police said I will not have to pay after court). But so far the estimates on the car which don't include the two tires we had to buy and the alignment we need are $1800 and $2400. our deductible is $500, so we will end up paying about $650 total. So much for getting a lap top for my birthday!