Red Box

Have you heard of redbox? I hope so, if not look it up. It's amazing. Blockbuster is out there charging you almost $5 to rent a movie, but you can go to redbox and rent one for $1 plus tax per night. Anyway, the other day we were grocery shopping and as usual I went to about 3 different stores. I was amazed because all three stores now had a redbox in them. I think they are going to be one of the next top franchises. Not only did those three stores (within a 3 mile radius) have it in, but I knew of two others right near there.

I love having so many, I just wish they weren't all across town. It's great though because you can get on their website and check to see if any of the kiosks near you have the movie you are looking for, then you can even reserve it online and pick it up. Just remember what kiosk you reserved it at so you don't drive around to all the local redbox locations trying to pick up a movie. :)