I can't believe Christmas is so close. I just finished up my Christmas shopping, well, almost. I have to order one more thing. It was pretty easy to do since we're doing so little this year. I made most of the girls gifts, Eugene and I aren't getting each other anything this year, and family gifts were at a minimum.

This year I did a lot of my shopping online, probably because I didn't buy too much. and some of the things that were requested I could find online for a lot cheaper than in stores- like gauged earrings! Those are way marked up in stores like hot topic, and tattoo shops, i got great deals on ebay. he he. I also had some amazon gift cards which i used to pick up a few things for the girls.

You know, who ever came up with traditions must have exercised a lot more than our culture does now, or else food wouldn't be such a big part of all family gatherings. I've started running again, and I hope to keep it up. I know most people find it easier to just look up diet pill reviews than work off our overeating. I'm trying hard to work it off!