So the past two blogs I've written have been on my husband's computer. Why you ask? well, because mine has decided it wants to run like a computer from the stone age. So yah, it's like 5 years old and has half a gb of memory on it, that is no excuse to take 15 minutes to let me click on something!! I know people with iphones and all the special iphone accessories and I'm sure they can do things faster than I can. Anyway...

Lately we've been playing a lot of wii. We got the new Mario game and let me tell you, it rocks! We also got Punch out and Shawn White, both pretty good games. (my hubby got a gift card to game stop for Christmas so we were able to get them! yay for gift cards) But Mario has got to be the best wii game out there! It's pretty fun to sit down with Eugene and play nintendo, it's a nice relaxing way to end the day. We don't get much time alone with out kids can you tell? he he.