Christmas is done New year is so close

I have to say, 2009 went by REALLY fast. I can't believe before the week is over it will be 2010. I am pretty happy to see 2009 be over, it's been a trying year, although we've learned a lot and grown a lot, I'm hoping 2010 holds better things (like maybe a job for my husband!)

Christmas was very interesting, I realized this year that in the 7 years since we've been married we've never ONCE been home on Christmas! That's pretty crazy if you ask me. This year we went to visit Eugene's family and enjoyed a great Christmas morning opening presents with his sister and her family, then headed over to his other sister's house for the afternoon and evening.

When my family was visiting over Thanksgiving we celebrated Christmas, i got to give my mommy her present it was nice to see her open it. It wasn't anything exciting, but it's not like she needs to rock some dental implants Plano style or anything. She got all of us towels and embroidered our names on them, on the wash clothes was a little something we like. I LOVE mine, the girls have cool hooded towels. And my mother in law made me this sign that i absolutely love. it says "Life is full of choices, remove your shoes or scrub the floor." it's GREAT.

Anyway, New Years eve is looking to be a great night, Eugene's cousin is going to be getting baptized and we'll actually be there to see it. Hopefully the winter weather holds off till Friday!