the Big 3-0

My wonderful Hubby turned thirty yesterday. we didn't have a big party or anything but we did have some friends come over. We ate a great meal of steak on the grill, twice baked potatoes, salad, home made bread and delicious chocolate cheese cake. I ate so much that my belly fat is twice as big now. Our friends brought the bread and cheese cake and man oh man was that cheese cake good!

I have a funny story about the grilling of the steak... We borrowed our neighbors grill which apparently has some quirks. Our friend was doing most of the grilling and had the nobs turned to where he thought was low, but in fact was high. We found that out only after we almost burned the house down. We had the grill on our little porch, which has a small awning, and the grease from the steaks had caused a fire. which was so big it was coming out of the grill in the back. Luckily the neighbor went out side for something and saw it, about the time I was trying to tell my husband there was a lot of smoke... he he.

the good news was the steaks were fine. and we didn't burn down the house. he he.