The other day i was looking in the mirror and realized how old I looked. Between lack of sleep and well, just plain growing older i've got dark circles under my eyes and wrinkles forming! I don't think even the best eye cream could help me right now. I think I need a facial, three days of sleep and some healthy food, maybe some raw veggies? oh sounds so good. Maybe a mini vacation. My birthday is coming up... think that spa trip is in the budget? he he probably not!

Speaking of birthdays, my hubby's big 3-0 is less than a week away. We had a party in the making last year, but almost a year of being laid off changed the plans. Now we don't have anything special planned, I might see if some friends want to come hang out. Mostly we'll be celebrating by taking a trip over to see our friends in the great state of Tennessee. I can't wait!! Of course the lovely sock slide on I-40 is causing us to have a great.big.detour. but that is ok, it only adds an hour and we'll be able to meet a friend's new baby and visit a bit! needless to say I can't wait until next weekend.