a secret

Want to know a secret? I'll be getting a really nice Christmas present this year. Diamonds. just kidding, another baby!( assuming all goes well) In turn that means we'll be needing another Christmas present, a van. Our little Taurus wont hold another car seat.

We're praying for a healthy baby (we'd appreciate any addition prayers), my husband would love a boy, I wouldn't mind one myself but a healthy baby is all I really want! After two miscarriages last summer we're a bit nervous, but we refuse to live in fear. My doctor did advise me to stop running until 12 weeks. Of course after a 7 week break I'm not sure it would be ok with my body to start running again!

In the back of our minds we are trying to figure out arrangements to fit 3 kids into their bedroom, or do something else with our office so that Lexi can have her own room. Right now my husband works from home so putting his computer in a place where the kids are all day wouldn't work well at all. we've got a few ideas we're toying with, of course we have plenty of time to figure it out since we still have until December before the baby comes and then about 6ish months before it would be moved out of our room anyway.

So there's our big news as well as a bunch of random thoughts! :) Hope you're having a good day!