Food Habits

A while ago a good friend blogger had recommended the movie Food Inc. Recently my sister in law rented it from netflix and we watched it. OH MY is my reaction. For over half the movie my eyes were bugged out of my head and my jaw was on the floor. I felt like a Texas truck accident lawyer walking up to a messy accident. I was disgusted, frustrated and sick at what is going on in the food industry and what I am putting in my family's body! If you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend you watch it. Right now it is available online free to watch through PBS. DO IT.

It has changed the way we eat. Well, it will once we go grocery shopping anyway. Right now we are trying to finish the food we have in the house and we will be replacing it with organic, local, free range, grass fed, natural foods. It's going to mean giving up some things I'm sure. Like McDonalds and Arby's, and other fast food... yah, it will take a while to get used to but I can't wait to know that what is in my food is healthy and NATURAL.