Whole Foods

I took my first trip to a Whole Foods store, I liked Trader Joe's better. It seemed less crowded, there was a little less variety at Trader Joe's, but the prices were better. We got some yummy grass fed, antibiotic free beef and I can't wait to taste it! I also found a few different types of aluminum free deodorant. I need too look them all up and see what is the best one, it's something I've been thinking about switching to for awhile I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll probably come across some hydroxycut information while looking for healthy deodorant stuff, seems weight loss pills are advertised everywhere.

I was kinda disappointed that we drove the hour down to the store and really the only thing there that I couldn't get in a regular store up here was the good meat. We're going to be researching and asking around up here for some local farmers who sell meat and some good milk too. Surely there's someone around who has grass fed cows and free range chickens right?