I must say I'm very thankful for my husband's cousin right now. He's helped us out a lot with car stuff this week. First he changed the spark plugs and wires (something my husband was supposed to do about 5 months ago...) We've had the stuff sitting here waiting for him to do it and yet he never did. His cousin comes along and changes them in like 20 minutes.

The other HUGE thing he did was change the seat belt on our car. Well, just the part you click the belt into. I'm SO THANKFUL. I was sick of riding in the middle of the front seat of the Taurus. In case you were wondering, even though there's a seat belt there, it's not meant for a person to ride in.... That probably would have taken my husband a few hours to figure out and he got it done in about 20 minutes. That will make our trip up to Indiana a whole lot more comfortable for me! Kinda like going from a pair of dollar store shoes to a pair of Cole Haan shoes. Yah, the middle seat is that bad.

So Thanks Cousin, you rock.