Teething and other craziness

Caylee has gone completely crazy. She spent several days, almost a week, just whining. It wasn't until she started to calm down that I realized two of her canine teeth had come in. Whoops, bad mom for overlooking that one! I should of known with her lack of eating. Now she is talking up a storm, she doesn't really stop, new words come out of her almost daily and she's putting words together too.

She has a fascination with horses or "neigh neighs" as she calls them. She loves the show Mr. Ed and tonight she was watching horse races. She climbs on everything, plays with everything, gets into everything and puts almost everything in her mouth (except the food that we want her to try, she's a pretty picky eater). All in all, she's really been making life interesting and more fun.

Lexi has become pretty independent and LOVES playing on the computer. We have my old computer hooked up in the toy room where she would spend all day on if we let her. She's been spending a lot of time talking about her birthday party. She wants a "dance party with cookies, cake, ice cream and video games." her words. Should be an interesting party.

We've been starting to take family walks and I think next time we might take a walk around a little fishing pond. It seems to be an exciting thing around here to go fish at these ponds, They're stocked full of fish and have fish feeders and fountains and the whole works. I think it's one of those places you pay to fish, or pay for the fish you catch or something, nothing I'm really interested in, but other people are obviously!

Anyway, that's the current crazy news for our house!