Have no fear, Underdog is Here!

Wait, it’s just me. Beth pointed out that it’s been five days since I posted last, well Beth, if I recall correctly you were missing for quite a few days too! Life has been Fun. I’m still waiting to hear about this becoming a real job, not just a temporary job. My sister-in-law, April came to visit this past weekend; she brought her daughter and two of our nieces. It was fun. I enjoyed their company. But now they are gone, and I am sad. Next Thursday my new baby turtles will arrive. YAY! I am getting two (they were buy one get one free!) BOGO. He he. I am having a hard time choosing names though, so if anyone has any ideas let me know. I was thinking Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Snoopy & Charlie, Hansel & Gretel, you know, some famous couple names. Something fun. Got any ideas? I took lunch break while writing this and Eugene and I came up with the names Trigger and Happy. HE HE. But I’m still open for any new ideas. I was going to do a poll like Beth did for naming Olivia, but then I remembered she had some smart friend do that for her. Oh well!
While April and the girls were here we took them to the Ocoee River, where normally in the summer the dam is open and there are people rafting, but when the dam is closed the river is really low and you can climb on the rocks. So we did. However, Gabbie, the 5 year old was trying to throw a big rock in, she did it successfully but then when she was done, she was trying to sit back down on the rock, and slipped right into the freezing cold river. Me being over protective Aunt Jes, made her take off all her clothes and wear Eugene's hooded zip-up sweatshirt. That silly CPR, First Aid training had me paranoid about hypothermia. I made sure no one saw any parts of her body that shouldn't have been seen though. She was such a good sport about it. I would have thrown a fit until we went home; she said she wanted to go, but we convinced her that we could still have fun. She keeped on trooping. We had a bunch of fun.
Now I should get back to work, talk to you later! or should I say talk at you!


StacyC1981 said...

I think you should name them Stacy and Beth after your faithful Blog readers!!! :) Haha j/k.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

oooh, i agree! or michealangelo and leonardo after famous artists.

i'm glad you're over protective. you could have saved her from a serious cold. :-D and speaking as a person who's had a cold for the past four weeks... i wish you were here to be overprotective of me!


Jes said...

Silly girl, Michealangelo and Leonardo are two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!