Data Entry/ Filing person/ gopher....

So I think I said I was working a temp job. Well it's actually Fun. The temp agency called me up In the 26th of September at 9:30 am and said they had a job that would last a couple days and it was data entry. So, I took it. Well, I am still here, 5 weeks later.... And I love it. Right now I am doing data entry, as well as anything else the two Renee's want me to help them with. I do a lot of Filing, which is fun to me, because I love organization. Well there is a possibility It may turn into a permanent job. If that is the case I would be taking on my own stores (as far as paying their bills, I work in the Accounts Payable Department) anyway, I would have my own states instead of just helping them with theirs. It would be awesome to have a full time reliable Job. So that's my biggest prayer request right now.
Eugene and I are probably going to go to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit my mom and her husband and meet our step-siblings. That will be awesome and fun. Eugene's Sister, April and her husband and Daughter, Gabbbie may be coming to visit us next weekend, I hope so I haven't seen them in a long time.
I will be turning the old age of 24 on the 21st, but Eugene turns 26 next Thursday so he's always going to be the old man. AND our anniversary is on the 29th, we will be celebrating three years of not killing each other! just kidding, we love each other and are very happy!!!
I am sooo glad it's FRIDAY!!! Although Eugene is in West Virginia playing a show tonight, so I will be alone, but that's ok. Anyway, it's 4:06 on a Friday afternoon and I am sitting at my desk surrounded by papers that need to be filed and data that needs to be entered, so I better get busy!!!
thanks for reading!!!


StacyC1981 said...

Oh that is very exciting! I'm glad you're doing something you enjoy and that it might end up being permanent. I'll be praying for you! :)

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Oh, I hope you get this job (permanently)! Lord, please give this job to Jes permanently! Well, not permanently... when she gets to heaven, she can quit. I'll let her.