My puppy

Well, Day one without my puppy is over. We found her a good home with a little boy who wanted a black lab named Shadow. Now she has 400 acres to run around in and a little boy to play with. I hope she is doing good. It's kinda sad without her, even though she was a pain in the butt. it's weird coming home and not having her jump on me to greet me. She always made me feel loved! oh well, now i dont have to feel guilty when I am away from the house for long periods of time, it's kinda nice. Today I went hiking with my friend Jenny, tomorrow I am going back to the same place to take some pictures and hike on my own speed and time. When i develop the pictures I'll post some on here- if i can figure it out. I'm still jobless... it's getting kinda rough. Oh well, my pastor always said "You can't have money problems if you dont have money!" so that's what i'm holding on to!