random posting

Someone yelled at me because I havent posted on my blog in a long time. So I thought that since my husband is gone and I am home alone bored out of my mind, I would change that. I quit my job yesterday, yup, today was my last day at Eaton hydraulics. I did it totally out of faith that God would provide me with another job, since I am the one who pays the bills. That is not a comment to be rude to my husband, he is doing God's work, and unfortuantly employers dont like to work with schedules. However, much to our surprise, today an architec called him and told him he was hired!!! God just answers prayers in mysterious ways! My hair isnt black anymore. nope, I decided I didnt like dying it all the time, so I tried to strip the black hair dye out. well, one hair stripper didnt work, so I bought a second one. I still have black spots, but now my hair is all these random shades of orange and red- mixed with strawberry blonde- with the occasional black spots. I need to have my hair a normal color by september. you see, one of my best friends is getting married in september, and another best friend is getting married in October- and I'm in both weddings. busy fall!
I think I broke my finger last Friday. my puppy and I were wrestling and she stepped on it. it bent funny at the knuckle and went "POP" then swelled up and turned funny colors. and it hurts. It is starting to feel better, it only hurts sometimes. Anyway, I guess that's enough boring blabbling. Oh, the lead singer of my husband's band quit, so if you know any good Christians that want to be a lead singer in a heavy Christian rock band- go to and email the band. thanks!