God's thoughts on appearance.

God doesn't care what you look like. It doesn't matter if you've dyed your hair 20 different colors or if you've never even cut your hair. God doesn't care if you wear black baggy clothes with chains or long skirts and ties. When we get to Heaven it's not going to matter if you have piercings and tattoos, or if you've never even pierced your ears. Because even if you've never worn makeup or cut your hair, even if your skirts always touch your ankles and you've never missed a church service- That is not what matters to God. He's going to take one look at you and say "you have Jesus" or "you don't have Jesus". It wont matter at all to God if your hair is black and you wear dark eye makeup, He wont care if you have body piercings and tattoos, and He wont care if all your clothes are black. As he shocks some by letting the dark haired pierced and tattooed person into Heaven, He is going to shock some by turning to the girl with long blonde hair, no makeup or piercings and saying "Depart from my you doer of iniquities, I knew you not." It's not about our appearance, it's about our heart. So to the gothic and punks- do you know Jesus? and to those of you who go to church every Sunday wearing shirt and tie with your hair not touching your collar- Do you know Jesus? I don't mean know of Him, I mean KNOW Him. Where is your heart? Are you wearing all black to impress someone? STOP!!! Are you growing out your hair so your preacher will accept you or to prove you're a good Christian? STOP!!! First put your heart in order and live a life of worship, they your true attire will be right before the Lord.