I'm so bad at this Blog thing

Ok, so it's been a long time since I "blogged" sorry! Well, my husband's band is officially on tour, and has been for a couple weeks now. He will be home June 7th, until sometime in July, then he is going to be on tour again for another 7 or 8 weeks. When he goes out that time he'll be touring the west coast so I prolly wont be able to see him at all that whole time! Man that will suck!!
Other than that life has been pretty good, I think that there is a disease going around called pregnantitis, because about half the women know are pregnant... Thursday I leave to go to the grand old state of North Carolina to see my husband and also to visit his family. That will be fun, cuz I haven't seen them in a while.
This summer I will be working at a taekwando summer day camp... Which surprisingly enough you don't have to know how to do Taekwando to help out. lol Actually the kids will be doing all sorts of fun things during the week like swimming, bowling, playing mini golf, going to the movies, touring cool places like M&M Mars, going rollerskating and all that jazz... They do a different thing each day of the week, so basically I'll get paid to lather kids with sun screen and watch movies and do fun stuff! Sounds great huh? :)
So yah, I have a boring life, but that's ok, you still love me right?!