Oh the colds

For over 3 weeks now we have been fighting a cold. It started with Lexi, then hit Caylee and then me. we all overlapped and I've had mine for 2 weeks. The girls are all better now, aside from Caylee's ear infection. I have so much sinus pressure that my head feels like it's going to explode, and I can't seem to stop coughing. I am thinking about getting personal respironics oxygen concentrators to see if that helps. Ok, it's not THAT bad. I would like it to go away soon though, I miss being able to bend over without my head hurting.

I am glad that the girls got better faster than I am though, and my husband barely got it at all, he had a bit of a sore throat off and on but that's it. We did manage to pass it on to just about everyone we came in contact with over the 8 days we were gone. We infected people in Indiana, PA, TX and Maine. I don't think any of the people from NJ came down with the cold thankfully. What can I say, we just love to share!