Trying to run again

I think I told you when I first found out I was pregnant (4 days after running my half marathon) I was advised to stop running until I hit 12 weeks. So I did. It was very hard to not run since it has been a huge part of my life over the past 5 months.

After my ultra sound on the 1st I was told I could start running by a different doctor, who actually told me I never had to stop in the first place. The next day I tried to run. I made it a mile. I was out of breath and felt like I had never ran before. It was pathetic. I haven't attempted to run since then although I did spend last weekend at a youth camp where I walked up and down a steep hill no less than 20 times a day to get to my cabin. I'm sure that was enough exercise for me.

I really need to do something like walk or maybe try jogging again, if I had access to the gym I'd get on the elliptical, but that's not going to happen right now. Luckily I haven't gained a ton of weight or anything since I stopped running, I was afraid of that.