A little off my plate

For a little over a year I've been the treasurer for a youth club near by. I've loved it, i really like details and organization and it was so fun to keep track of everything on all the spreadsheets. The only not fun part was doing the taxes, only cuz I was worried I'd mess up.

Since we moved in February and I started watching my niece and nephew I haven't been able to keep up with it like I should have, and it was harder to get the information I needed since I was an hour away from everything and everyone. So they started looking for someone else who could take over.

We were blessed to find an accountant who was willing to take over. I love knowing that it's in safe hands. Tuesday we met and I gave him all the files, I wish we had a way to make an online backup of everything, but for now the flash drive and files on my computer and on his will have to work. I am relieved to know it's one less thing I have on my plate, but as I mentioned, it's also nice knowing everything is going to be done the right way!