Overly Tired

I'm exhausted 85% of the day and I can't figure out why. I don't remember being tired like this in the 3rd trimester with the other two pregnancies, Caylee has been sleeping decent most nights, and I've been going to bed around 10:30 and getting up at 7. I don't think it's lack of sleep.  Maybe I need new batteries. I think my rechargeable ones have lost the ability to hold their charge, it might be more green of me to get a solar panel attached to my back or something though. 

The other thing I've been feeling lately is this nervousness of "Can I handle three kids?!" I remember before Caylee was born having this panic feeling that I wouldn't be able to handle two, now I'm adding a third and it's starting to hit me.  I know I'll be ok after a few weeks (especially once my hormones balance out and I'm not psycho emotional anymore). Sure, it will take the girls awhile to get used to having another baby around, it will probably take Caylee longer to accept not being the youngest anymore. We'll get through it!