A nice surprise

My sister in law decided to take our girls for the night. I love the random overnights that they do, it's nice to just have a night here or there where we can sleep in as late as we want (normally around 8- why is it that when your a teen you can sleep until 1 or 2, but when your a parent and really NEED the sleep 8 is late?).

It is very nice to just hang out, hubby is watching the Steelers game and I have time to myself. What's that you ask? yah I was asking the same thing. When the kids are here I think of all sorts of things that I should look up or want to look up but don't have time, and when they're gone I can't think of anything! I know I didn't have anything as important as researching Mesothelioma or anything, I'm sure it was just looking up different products or reviews for different things. But right now I'm drawing a blank. oh well, I'm sure it will come to me... as soon as the kids come back. :)


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