We've had the same insurance for about 5 or 6 years now. A friend of ours was an agent and so we just decided to go with it. They gave us the cheapest rate, and when we moved to North Carolina from TN, we checked around and again they were the cheapest place, so we just stuck with them.  The only bad thing about who we have is that each state is individual, so if you move to a different state it's like starting over. That part is a little annoying.

After Caylee was born our agent came to our house and talked to us about life insurance, I didn't understand much before he started and didn't understand much after, but once we realized how cheap it was, we went with a term policy that would cover what we would need if one of us died. It gave us a peace of mind. A few weeks ago our new agent came to our house just to go over all our policies (life, car and renters) to make sure we had the correct coverage. She explained a bunch about life insurance and encouraged us to get whole life ASAP, it was nice to finally understand the difference and why one is better than the other.  We decided as soon as my husband gets a job we're going to transfer over some of our term insurance to whole life insurance, because it's much cheaper and easier to get now while we're young then trying to get life insurance for seniors.

Another thing on our mind lately has been getting a Will established. We're completely in the dark on this one too. A friend of mine mentioned that you don't need an attorney, that you can get one online so we're looking into that.  We don't have a ton of money or "things" laying around that will really matter if we died, but I really want to make sure my children go live with who we want them to live with, not whomever the state decides.  So a Will is the next thing we will hopefully accomplish.