Last week some promising job leads came up for my husband, he did turn down a sales jobs that would have cost us $200 a month in gas, and he would have already been making way less than we need to survive. It was a had decision since it's been two years since he had a job, but there was no way we could have made that income pay our bills.

Now we're waiting to hear back from one place he applied at, and there is another place that an employee is really trying to get the HR lady to make a position for him. Eugene spent a lot of time fixing up his resume even more than it already was, and writing a cover letter to try to sell himself.  I'm just praying so hard that one of these jobs comes through, I'm at my wits end, we're about 3 weeks away from him being unemployed for 2 years.  Luckily we serve a God who is faithful and has provided every step of the way, how else could we still be in a house with our bills paid after two years?!