The next full moon

I've been thinking about Josiah a lot lately, I know I'm in the home stretch, if I go the normal 37-42 weeks we're looking at 4-9 weeks from today. Knowing my history of early deliveries, I'm betting more on the 4 weeks than the 9. I know it's possible for me to reach 9 so I'm not trying to focus too hard on the 4, but it's just the way I'm thinking.

I noticed tonight the moon is a few days from full, and I know a lot of women go into labor when the moon is full. So I decided to look to see when the full moon in November is, just out of curiosity. November 21st. My birthday. I'll be 37 weeks exactly. Think he'll come then?  Neither of my girls waited for the full moon, Lexi was born a week before full moon, and Caylee was born two weeks before full moon. So we'll see if it has any affect on Josiah.

I can't wait to be able to run again, I'm dreaming about running that's how bad I miss it. The effects of running on my body are better than phentermine could offer me. Of course, I also have to give up chocolate, soda and junk food too... but I need to do that anyway.