32 week ultra sound

We had our last ultra sound today, They had to do one this late because of the issues with the low placenta. We found out a lot of awesome news, Josiah is doping perfect, he's the perfect size for gestation, the reason I'm measuring so big is because I have a lot of extra fluid. The doctor assured me that the only bad thing about that is it will cause me some extra discomfort. We also found out the placenta has moved up just enough that I will be able to have a normal vaginal delivery, not a c-section. It was very close though, the Ultra sound tech measured it 3 times, then called in the professional sonogrammer or whoever she was who measured it twice.

We got some awesome pictures of Josiah though, They did a little bit of the 4D, we got a picture so good I've thought of making custom mugs with it. He's absolutely ADORABLE. He even has a little tiny bit of peach fuzz on his head. :)