Dream house?

I remember when we first found this house we are renting we were so in love with it. It wasn't perfect, but it would fit our needs. There's a HUGE room that we use as a toy room/dinning room. The bed rooms are small, but there's an extra one we use as an office, so the office mess and computers are not all out in the open in the living room . There's hard wood floors in all but 3 rooms, the kitchen has a bunch of cabinet space. There's a huge deck on the back. It's great.

Or so we thought until we moved in. The people who lived here before us smoked inside despite the owners telling them not to. Getting the smell out is a battle we're still fighting. It's not as bad anymore, but I do still notice a smell when we walk in. The other thing is there's a lot of weird cracks and holes which means a lot of bugs (including nasty spiders) find their way in the house.   And now that we're thinking of adding a 5th person we're starting to feel the smallness of the rooms. The girls share a room, which barely fits one twin bed and one crib, as well as the very small dresser we managed to squeeze in there. Luckily they have a toy room so none of their toys have to fit in there. Our room is decent sized, it was big enough for our queen bed, the girls old dresser, and my husbands chest of drawers. Now we are adding a pack and play, a plastic rolling drawer cart thing for Josiah's clothes and a small metal shelf which will hold diapers and other baby needs. We're starting to feel the squeeze. Oh, and it's going to be getting cold soon which means the toy room is going to start being too cold to play in for most of the day (there's no heat out there).

Each time we find a place to rent we are pretty happy with it until we've been there for awhile, I'm hoping that when we take the plunge and buy a house we wont feel the same way after a year. I know it will be different, because when you buy a house, you pick the one you absolutely love, and we'll definitely being looking for one we will fit in for the rest of our lives. The other bonus is if you do any improvements (like installing one of those copper farmhouse sinks) it's not just wasted money.  But I still get worried that I'll be ready for change after a few years. We'll see.