Getting healthier

My husband and I have goals to get healthier after Josiah comes. We should be starting now, maybe eliminating  soda and so much chocolate. But we're really going to focus on it when I get the go ahead to start exercising. I can't wait to start running again, it was such a nice stress relief, not to mention I dropped weight really quickly. My husband is not a big runner, but he does like to roller blade, and doesn't mind treadmill running. We have to find him some good vitamins for men, to make up for his lack of eating vegetables (and other things). But our main focus is going to be getting to a healthy weight and being in shape!   We've been debating between buying a nice used treadmill for Christmas, or a gym membership, although we'd be able to do more at the gym, if we had a treadmill it would be here for us to use 24/7, when the kids are sleeping or napping and it wouldn't be like throwing money out the door.  We shall see what happens.