Computer junk

My husband was playing around with Lexi's computer yesterday, as in, took it completely apart and was messing with all the drives and gadgets. He's attempting to learn the insides of computers because hopefully he'll be getting a job that is a graphic designer/ computer tech position. So while he was taking apart her computer he remembered that the USB ports in my computer are broken, and he attempted to put the card readers/usb port from her computer into my computer. unfortunately it wouldn't fit. My computer must need some custom usb drives or something.

Oh well, so I still don't have a USB port, but at least my husband was smart enough that both of our computers work still. :)


Joanna said...

LEXI has a computer??

Jes said...

yes. sad I know... it's my old computer, has about half a gig of ram, can barely keep up with anything, but it works just fine for PBS kids and the other sites she uses regularly. For almost a year she has known how to get around on her computer, she can get to several sites without asking, and once she's there she knows how to find the games/activities and how to play them. I'm not sure whether it's sad or impressive, but my husband thinks she's a genius. lol.