Sometimes you just have to do things the way someone tells you to do, which can also be called admitting you're wrong.

I've dealt with oily skin and acne my entire life, ok, so I'm sure there was a point in time when I didn't have zits, but I don't know when that was. Growing up was horrible, all my friends had clear skin, they'd claim they had a zit and I could never find one on their face, meanwhile I'm searching my face for a square inch that didn't have a zit on it.  I tried everything, some of the best acne products, some natural products, cutting out sugar and soda, I even tried putting toothpaste on my zits.  Nothing seemed to work.

Once I got out of high school and into college people started telling me I needed to use an oil free lotion on my face every morning and night, even when it didn't feel dry. The thought of adding more moisture to a face that could fry some chicken nuggets on it was bizarre so of course I never did it.  Then just recently my sister in law started selling Mary Kay, and someone brought up putting on lotion. Over the years I did start putting lotion on some mornings when my face felt dry, but like I said, I've never put it on no matter what.

So I tried it.  I washed my face that night, and put on lotion. I woke up and felt my face. instead of the normal oil slicks I felt a normal face. How could that be?! So I put on lotion after washing my face that morning too. I continued for just a few days and could already notice the difference. I forgot one night and woke up greasy the next morning.

Amazing. A greasy oily face really does need lotion. Guess some times you just have to bite the bullet and say "I was wrong" no matter how stubborn you are.