Two of my friends are looking at houses, normally when friends of mine are house hunting I get very jealous. I really want a house. I'd love to be able to paint and remodel, add an undermount sink if I want to.

But I can honestly say for once I am not jealous! I have no desire to buy a house right now. Which is honestly good because there is no way we could or SHOULD buy one. We have no down payment saved, we have bills to pay, debt, and no steady income. (Yes we're working on those things).

I am not one to be content. I normally have the desire to move, rearrange, buy some piece of furniture or throw away things. God is teaching me contentment in all areas of my life (except my Spiritual life, you should never be content there). Yes, our apartment is cluttered, as I sit I have a double jogging stroller to the right of me ( in the middle of the livingroom), a toddler table behind me, and a car seat to the back right. but you know what? I don't care. :) Ahh, contentment is so nice sometimes.