She Smiles

So yesterday Lexi started focusing her smiles... Eugene and I were laying on our bed staring at her, and she looked at me so I smiled at her and told her she was beautiful and that I love her and she just got this HUGE ear to ear grin. don't get me wrong, she's been smiling for awhile now, but this was a real, planned, "hey, you're my mom" grin. Then Eugene started talking to her, so she turned her head and did the same smile for him! She did it several other times last night too... YAY! we reached a mile-stone. As soon as we get a picture of it I'll post it.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

I know I talked with you this morning, but I still wanted to comment, especially since we didn't get to talk as long as I would have wished. I'm so glad she's smiling with a purpose now! Makes all the screaming seem not so bad, huh? I dunno, maybe yours doesn't scream. :-D Loke you! Call me on my new phone (excited!!!) when you get more minutes, or this weekend, or whenever!