i feel like a slacker

I was reading Beth's blog and man, she posts a lot!!! it made me feel like a total slacker. Not only does she post a lot, she also keeps up with current events and post intelectual things about them, I can't even spell intellectual let alone write about it... anyway, So i decided to take three minutes while Lexi is still sleeping and blog. But I don't have anything exciting going on like camping at Yellowstone, or my baby being in a wedding, or being pregnant. nope, nothing too exciting. Lexi got four shots the other day and they told us she weighs 12lbs now, but I don't know if that's true or not because my friend's baby weighs 12lbs 8 oz and she feels a lot heavier than Lexi.
Yup, man, I need a life... All I do is feed the baby and clean the house. Thursday I went to a church play date where all the stay at home mothers bring their kids to the park to play (which by the way Beth, is every week and I just didn't know it...) So my friend Laura picked Lexi and I up and we went to the park. Then we went to the court house where she got a new "tag" (lisence plate) for her car. Then Lexi and I went over to their house. We found out Lexi is allergic to cats, atleast I think because her eyes got red and puffy while we were there.
For the last few nights Lexi has successfully slept in her crib, with only a few minutes of crying when we first put her down, and an occasional cry after night feedings. (She's still up every three hours to eat) We're also working on a schedule... she goes to bed every night between 9:30 and 10. that's as far as we've gotten with a schedule.
So, she's starting to stir which means she'll wake up and want to eat, so I'll go after I post a new picture...