picture perfect...

Well, we took Lexi to get her pictures taken today (remember we won those two free photo sheets). I didn't think they were going to come out good because of course she was crabby and fussing, I finally just said "ok, we'll just see what happens" and we went into the room with her binky in her mouth. we got the picture all ready and pulled the binky out right as she took the pictures. Luckily we only had to do that for two pictures, then she cheered up and was just awake and alert. she refused to look at the camera or even near the camera for 99% of the pictures, she was too busy looking at all the neat things on the walls. They took a TON of poses and then sat us down and we had to chose two- or pay to buy others. Well, we're broke right now, so we went in there knowing we'd only get two. There was one problem... She is SO DARN CUTE. We had it narrowed down to four and then they told us that the picture collages are on sale for $9.99. SO... we ordered one. so we're getting the two free 8x10's and then an 8x10 that has 9 different pictures in it. it's so cute. plus, since we ordered something other than our free sheets they keep the pictures for six months so if we ever get money we'll be able to order more. OR if anyone else wants to order some they can. They post the pictures online in 48 hours, so when they do that I'll tell you how to look at them. but beware... she's cute!!!