tig's job

well, the whole TN log homes thing didn't go through, i guess they decided they didn't want Eugene's boss after all! however, they are keeping Bird's Drafting (the company tig works for) very busy. His boss said that if they keep them busy then he will give Eugene a pay raise. I'm a little dissappointed, because i already had my heart set on benefits, a higher pay and most importantly... moving. LOL. I just love change SO MUCH. But really this is the better deal, because Eugene still has his freedom, he's not tied down to big company rules. And his boss kicks but. and hopefully he'll have a raise coming soon. so we can all pray for that right?
I might get personal now... maybe...
So i've been feeling crappy lately- about my role as wife/mom/housekeeper and most importantly CHRISTIAN. for some reason being married totally screwed up my personal time with God that I had down pat after 10 years or being single and four years later i still havn't gotten it back where it needs to be. Which is affecting the whole rest of my life including my closeness with Eugene. Last night I got a kick in the butt from God (he kinda used Beth's life to help) and I'm feeling motivated again to take care of 1st- my God walk, 2nd my family 3rd myself and 4th my house. Hopefully I wont get lazy again and slack off after a week. I like to see quick results with EVERYTHING, Tig says I'm impatient. Normally when i don't see my body changing after a week of exercise and diet i quit. and if my life is not changing after a week of steady devotions- i quit. and if keeping my house clean doesn't get easier and Eugene doesn't start helping after a week- yup y ou guessed it- i quit. Then two weeks or so later I start feeling crappy about everything and get motivated and do the whole thing over again.... stupid cycle. I guess that means i am not disciplined. So yah, I got personal. deal with it. :)


StacyC1981 said...

Whoa! I don't check your blog for a few days and when I come back there are both posts AND multiple videos! Goodness! Hey I'm sorry I didn't read this post before our little IM conversation the other day about working out and stuff. Call me or IM me sometime and maybe we can chat about it. :)