House Cleaning

I realized that we have some house cleaning to do. Not the kind that requires vacuums and dustpans. The kind that requires us to look over what we've allowed in our house over the past year.

God has convicted us pretty strongly about what we watch and listen to. We do not live by the world's standards which makes it a little difficult to find entertainment that is appropriate. Like normal people we slip up and watch a movie that has some inappropriate parts, when we do it makes it easier to watch the next movie that has inappropriate parts. Little by little we allow more into our house than we should.

Then we get to points like we are now where we don't feel very close to God, and we look around and realize how many PG-13 movies we own. All of them have sexual references, sexual innuendos, sexual jokes, violence, language- whatever the reason may be they are inappropriate for our house.

We've also let something else in our house which we have NEVER allowed. It entered in the form of a video game. What is that you might ask? Secular music. Shortly after we got the Xbox we got Guitar Hero 3. It's a fun game I must admit, even without a big screen tv and Peerless tv mounts... The issue? I have never listened to secular music. My husband stopped listening to it in 2002, we are Christian music advocates and feel that secular music opens you up to more than you think. Here we are, living hypocritical lives PLAYING secular music. Not just any secular music. These are almost all bands that worship Satan. Looking back now I can't believe we've allowed it in our house, not just allowed, but willingly brought it into the house.

So, Today is housecleaning day, Guitar Hero 3 with a cordless guitar is being sold, we have about 7 movies that we are getting rid of too. One of them might surprise you- The Sandlot. Have you seen the old Sandlot? I watched it the other day with an 8 year old and a 10 year old and could not believe the sexual references in it!

Anyway, step number one to getting close to God is under progress- preparing our hearts and house for God. There is a lot more work to be done.

I understand not everyone lives under the same convictions as us- I'm not telling you you're right or wrong, I'm simply sharing how we feel, and what we do in our house.