Livin' It

Ever heard of Livin' it?

Steven Baldwin started a skate board ministry called Livin' It. I'll quote their page about what Livin it is about

"Livin It is a way of life.

It's about finding a purpose for being on this planet, knowing there's a God who loves you for who you are, and believing there's hope for the future. Livin It is about having a purpose and sharing it with everyone you interact with."

Not only did Steven Baldwin start the skate company, he also wrote a biography called The Unusual Suspect My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith.

You might wonder why I know or care so much about this, it really has everything to do with my husband. My husband has a passion and heart for Jesus. He also has a love for music. a few years ago he went across America as the drummer for the band Believe. The Extreme Tour was all about the "hardcore movement of faith" Skaters and bands joined together and spent 6 months on the road playing at skate parks, parking lots, churches and schools. He even had the chance to meet Steven Baldwin.

Don't get me wrong, Steven Baldwin is just a man, any man with God's help could do what he is doing and reach people for Christ. I am just glad to see people reaching out to further God's kingdom.