Is it just me, or is today lasting 12 hours longer than normal?

Days like today make me wish I was still working in an office.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE staying home with my daughter, but today is dragging by! I did more housework before lunch than I normally do all day, and I took a 2 hour nap, and watched tv, and read some in a book, and looked around on the internet. AND IT'S ONLY 3:15!!!

Working out side of the home has it's ups and downs, the last place I worked I actually appreciated my job. They actually appreciated me too- which is rare. Although it could have used some work in the area of corporate performance management, and it could have shown it's appreciation for it's employers a little more, it was still a fun job. It always kept me busy which I think is why I liked it.

Being busy helps the day go by. Maybe that's why today is going so slow. I've run out of things to do. How is that possible? Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

Hmm... I guess I'll start another load of laundry.