a job? maybe?

So, my husband has been out of work since November. We've somehow been living off of unemployment. It's not our favorite thing to do, but with two kids we can't exactly just take anything. I can't even go out and get a job to help make up the slack.

He's had a few little freelance jobs come in since November, he is trying to start a business but with the economy the way it is not too much work is coming. Well Tomorrow he has a meeting with someone who will hopefully have steady at least part time work for now. Hopefully it will be enough to pay the bills!

Luckily we haven't gotten behind on any of our bills. We don't live a luxurious lifestyle with crazy things like cable (he he) but because of some (not so good) decisions in our past, we have a bit of debt which makes it hard to survive on little money. We have cheap auto insurance, so that was easy to keep up with too.

The biggest thing that's kept us ok is God. He's somehow made our money stretch to pay all the bills each month. Keep in mind we're making about half as much on unemployment as we were when my husband was working (and we barely got by when he was employed). Somehow He's managed to make sure all our bills get paid, we have food in our bellies and gas in our car. I don't even TRY to keep a budget or make sense of it all because on paper it doesn't work. Isn't God awesome!?