With good weather come lots of leg rolls.

The past few days have been glorious here, almost 80 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze. Weather like this means breaking out the cute little dresses for Caylee. Both yesterday and today she wore little outfits that showed off her um..not so little thighs. With her legs exposed you can see the fullness of the leg rolls. The rolls that keep coming and just when you think you've seen them all you take off her diaper to find more. These thighs make me think we might need to look into extended stay hotels for all the rolls that keep showing up our apartment is almost full! They are adorable though all 27 of them. She got lots of compliments at church today about them, they're hard to resist. An old man even came over while we were eating lunch and pinched them while commenting on them.

Lexi had a little bit of a chunky stage, but nothing like this, in fact the clothes Caylee is wearing right now Lexi wore when she was about 10-12 months old! (Caylee is 6 months). I have to admit, I love the chunky baby!!