I am just amazed at not only how fast my babies are growing up, but how much they are changing each day. Lexi looks like such a little girl some days, other days she still looks like a toddler. But man, I think I could fill a compact flash memory card each day with new pictures and not have too many pictures!

I've officially started Caylee on solid foods, She eats about 1/3rd to 1/2 a jar a day, her favorite thing so far is peas, just like Lexi! Although she had applesauce today and really liked that too. And she loves mashed potatoes, made with rice milk of course. I am really hoping she will outgrow her milk allergy so that I can start having some dairy products again (like a nice milk shake!). Today I had a spoon full of macaroni and cheese, I even gave her a little taste of the cheese, she didn't freak out (yet) I would think if it was going to bother her it would have by now since that was at 6:30ish. She did just wake up a little fussy, but I held her, we gave her some gas drops and she is right back asleep so I don't know if that was from the cheese or just normal gas. A few days ago I gave her a couple bites of mashed potatoes made with milk and she didn't react to them, so I am praying this is the beginning of a really good thing!

We're still waiting to get Lexi's "big girl bed" the twin sized has been ordered and we're waiting for the call that it's in. I can't wait because right now Caylee is in the pack and play (the bassinet was starting to bow). Putting a sleeping baby in a pack and play is a pain, not to mention that when we let Caylee nap in the crib she sleeps so much longer. Maybe it would keep her sleeping the whole night through!