So many new things, so little time

I kept saying I was going to inform the blogger world of all the new stuff going on in my life, but have yet to have time. As you can see we had our pictures taken two weeks ago. A friend of ours from church took them, they came out very good and once we get the edited copies, there will be more posted- especially of Lexi.
First things first- we moved! Yup, we now live in North Carolina again. If you want my address email me and I'll give it to you if I feel you need it. Eugene got a new job so we moved. The job is awesome, it's commercial drafting for a company with amazing benefits. As a matter of fact the reason i have so little time right now is because in an hour we will be leaving for the company picnic which is being held here.
Lexi is going to be one in 12 days. I can't believe it. I was looking at the pictures from when she was first born it seems like yesterday, she was so tiny and perfect. Now she's growing and well... the sin nature has started to kick in. She's still lazy though, no walking or crawling even for this girl, rolling is her choice of mobility.
Some of you might remember me announcing that I was pregnant, well about a month ago we found out I had a Molar Pregnancy. Luckily I had the lesser evil of the two, the partial which has less of a chance of causing cancer and it also means we only have to wait 6 months before trying to get pregnant again.
In an overview that is what has been going on, I'll post more once i have more time and more pictures. I'll leave you with one more...


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Jes, you are so HOT!!

Loke you.