Works For Me Wednesday: Bye-Bye Boo-boo

My friend Beth got me interested in The Works for Me Wednesday from Rocks in My Dryer, I thought this was a perfect week to jump in. My daughter will be a year old tomorrow, so I don't have years and years of experience and knowledge built up. However, it doesn't take long being a mom before you learn a thing or two. The little bit of advice I have to offer started before my years of of parenthood when I was just an aunt, but worked today when my daughter hit her head.
When a tumbling toddler bumps into a door frame, or clunks their head off the corner of a table try blaming the table! We "spank" the object that caused the injury and say "bad table!" or "bad door!" More times than not the reaction is smiles. Say bye-bye Boo-Boo and good morning giggle!

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ZAM said...

1. Re: "spanking" the "offending" object, I can very well relate to this too.

2. Re WFMW, it's my first time to jump in this week's edition too.