Thursday, August 11th, 2005

Well, if you can't tell by the title, Today is Thursday. this is amazing, i'm blogging two days in a row. I spent the day fixing my resume and mailing and faxing it to businesses. Hopefully soon I will have a job. I also called my sister-in-law and talked to her, and I went for a walk- 2.22 miles. it was a nice walk. I've discovered something I hate about blogger- that random weirdo's who you dont know can read them and post comments. that's kinda annoying, so if you dont know me then dont comment on my life, I dont care what you have to say. especially if you're some sex therapist who wants me to look at their site. Do you really have no life other then reading random people's blogs?? GET A LIFE!!! My life is not exciting enough for you to read my blogs. That's just something i find annoying. Although I guess all this doesnt sound very Christianly, Sorry, Jesus loves you.
35 more days until my husband comes home. He is still in Oregon.
So as you can see, nothing exciting is going on in my life! but have a great day!

this is for stacy, although it's a pretty blurry weird looking picture, that's kinda me.... Posted by Picasa

this is my idea for the tattoo on my ankle. as some of you know I already have the cross, only it's a deep purple not hot pink, for some reason the computer wouldn't show the deep purple as purple, it was brown, so this hot pink is as close to the real color as it comes. But anyway, sometime when i'm rich I'm going to have the wings and the words put on my ankle. I think it will look neat. Posted by Picasa

it's been tooooooo long!

Well, 11 weeks went by fast and my job as a camp counselor is over now. YAY! but Now I am faced with reality that I have to find a new job. I spent the day exploring around town looking for places I might want to work. But mostly I just went to a temp agency and re-signed up with them. It wasn't much fun. My husband is still far far far away in Oregon on the Extreme Tour, he'll be returning September 15th. I'm supposed to be in Maine by that point for my friend Jess' wedding (on the 17th) but I might have to wait until he get's home to leave, which will kinda ruin my plans so I'm not sure what's going to happen. Other people's weddings are SOOOO expensive. I have seriously spent more money on other peoples weddings than I did on mine. Too bad I'm not rich- this is getting kinda expensive. I have plane tickets to buy still, so if you know of a cheap place to get tickets, or if you're a pilot and want to fly me to Maine for free I would appretiate it. Life in the real world is so stressful! Like right now for instance- I have no job, my husband is out touring the west coast FOR FREE! so he is making no money, he works some while he's out there, but not much- he's busy. So we have no income at the moment, I live with some friends from church- which I appretiate greatly, but still all our stuff is in boxes growing mold in the basement. I sooo want to have my own place so I can unpack everything and cook meals in the kitchen and clean, and have a normal life again! but we have no money. So as I said earlier I am in two weddings coming up one in September and one in October, and I love these friends DEARLY! I'm so excited for them. but it adds up- the price of the dresses, shoes, presents, hair, travel (I'm in TN and one wedding is in Maine and the other NYC). School is supposed to start back up in a couple weeks, which means I need to have money to pay for my class.... this whole email is mostly just a prayer request- pray that God gives me a good job, so I can pay for all these expenses. Life isnt bad though! I still love it! (aside from my husband being in Oregon). Sandee, the lady I worked at camp with who has become a good friend, told me that her landlord has a place for rent for $350 a month, so if I remember to call him I'm going to go look at it tomorrow and see if it's a place that Eugene and I will want to rent when he comes home. She is always talking about how great he is, so I'm hoping it will work out.
So yah, that's about all that's going on in my life. :) Hope yours is going great!