Merry Christmas

I wish I had a long time to post, but you know the drill... I'm at work and I can't talk long. We have been soooo busy!!! between traveling and Christmas and now we are moving too! We found a very nice big two bedroom duplex and it has a laundry room! I'm so excited. So January 2nd we will be moving. Today, after work, we are leaving to go to Eugene's family's house in North Carolina where we used to live it's a six hour drive. We will be there until Monday. Monday we come home and work Tuesday-Friday. Friday we leave to go up to PA to see Eugene's best friend and our godchildren. I'm so excited to see them! The next monday we come home and start moving! ugh.... Oh well. If you want our new address email me and I'll give it to you. I was going to post it, but I realized anyone could read it and come find me and kill me for writing boreing blogs. The coolest thing about our new apartment is that it doesnt smell like skunk. I thought I had a lot of exciting things to post about, but I guess not. Oh well, Merry Christmas!

Oh Smelly days.....

Well, good news! I got to the Library. and I am posting. Now for the bad news..... I can't download Hello on the library computer, so i can't post pictures. That's only one part of the bad news. The other part is I can't stay long cuz I am just taking a short break from de-skunkafying our house and everything we own... Yup. Friday morning we woke up about 5:30 smelling burning rubber and being very confused. We got up, searching our house for the source of the smell but found nothing. We tried to go back to sleep, but the smell was so powerful we were getting sick to our stomaches. So we got up, showered and went out for breakfast. After leaving our house we reaslized the smell was not burning rubber, but skunk. Our cars smelled like skunk, our clothes smelled like skunk, our wallets, purses, watches, belts and everything we owned now was sprayed with Ode De Skunk. We thought "oh, it's not that bad, so we'll just go to work and worry about it later." Well, after I got to work and everyone gave me funny looks I realized it was a lot worse than we thought. It's kinda nice to be told that everywhere you go you leave a trail of skunk sent behind you. NOT! My nice supervisor got me a shirt to wear from the company closet of goodies, and I threw my stinky shirt in my stinky car. Then Eugene went home and did a load of laundry bringing me back clean pants too. So we were good for the time being. But we have spent the past two days (and lots of money) trying to get the smell of skunk out of everything we own. So if you have any good ideas- feel free to post them. We've scrubbed the walls, sprayed the carpets with vinigar and now this natural spray stuff.... but something still smells. Right now Eugene is sniffing his foot trying to figure out where the smell is coming from. We even mailed up Skunky smelling Christmas presents to my family in Maine. wasn't that nice of us? Yah, anyway... I forgot my library card in the car, and we could only get one computer so Eugene is bored reading over my shoulder while I type this to you, So i think I'll go now. Happy non-smelly day to you!


Guess what? For Christmas Eugene and I got a digital camera! it was our gift to each other. So now, I can take pictures of our turtles, and me, and other fun things and post them! Now we just need internet at home!


Work got a virus, internet was down, now it's up, but I'm pretty sure they are monitoring our internet usage... So now I'm scared to be on here.... Maybe I'll get to the Library to post. sorry guys, dont want to lose my job before I get it!!!