Well, we had a good November so far! we've celebrated Tig's birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving and tomorrow is our anniversary! I can't believe we've been married for four years! it's flown by!! Thanksgiving was fun, we drove up to VA to visit Tig's family. we spent two nights at one of his sister's house and two nights at his other sister's house. It was so fun, but did not last long enough. Today Lexi got four shots... i feel so bad for that little girl. It's weird to me that a body as small as her can handle having four different viruses in her body at the same time- in addition to the cold that she has.
Our house is a mess from being gone for a few days then coming home and getting right back into the swing of things with Eugene working and me working mon-wed. I'm sure Thursday I'll be busy cleaning the house.
I have some exciting news about Tig's job! awhile back the head architect from TN log homes came in and asked Jeff (Eugene's boss) if they would be willing to draw up some plans for some log homes. Jeff said yes and they were working on some contract type thing, well in the mist of it they asked Jeff to come work for them and be in charge of a new department. Jeff said yes, so that means Eugene and Jeff will be working for TN log homes soon! This is exciting!! it means moving to Athens, TN- which is about 30-40 minutes away and it means a higher pay, benefits and paid vacation!!! It's awesome! Plus Eugene will still be working for the same guy. We're very excited. We're not too sure of the details like when all this will be happening, but I think it will be in the next couple months. WOO HOO! we're very excited. I love change- especially the change of a new apartment or maybe even rental house!! WOO HOO!


well, Lexi is coming down with her secnd cold. the poor girl caughs and sneezes all day long. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! We're going to VA to visit Eugene's family- i'm looking forward to it. When we come home I am going to try to find enough money to buy a Christmas tree so we can put it up and have our house all Christmasy!!! I love decorating trees! I think we might try to buy a fake one this year, i always hated fake trees but them make them so much nicer than they used to, they actually look real now. Although we don't have $200 to get one of the really good ones, we'll probably end up with a $30 one. oh well! Lexi is asleep right now, I should be showering not posting a random blog. yah, I'll go shower.

bad news...

well, it turns out that the guy the police caught was not the same guy who broke into my neighbors house. Not even close. kinda scary that there were TWO burglars in my town yesterday! Here I thought we lived in a safe town! Anyway, the guy they caught was white, and the guy I saw yesterday was very much black. The white guy was very scary looking, I think I would have had to throw rocks at him if I saw him in my neighbors house. The black guy actually looked trust worthy. not like I would trust a complete stranger, but if I had to take my choice between trusting the guy i saw and the guy the cops caught, I would trust the guy I saw. Anyway, just pray they catch the guy!

my encounter with the thief

Yesterday morning was quite exciting here. I got up early because my friend was supposed to pick me up at 8:45 and we were going to head down to Chattanooga. Well, Lexi's eating schedule conflicted with that so we decided to wait an hour and she'd pick me up at 9:45 instead. I had this very strong feeling that God was saving us from something, I assumed it was a car accident. Around 9:20 the doorbell rang, i ignored it- something I have never done my entire life. it rang again, so I thought "well, maybe the neighbor's fiance is over there and she needs something" so, since I was nursing Lexi I yelled "who is it?" and a man's voice answered back "Do you know who owns the apartments up on the hill?" I just said "no, sorry." thinking nothing about it since people had stopped before to ask that same question. curiousity got the best of me so I looked out the window to see if I could see the guy, i couldn't but I did notice a strange car in my neighbor's driveway. I was hearing things in his apartment (we live in a duplex) so I decided to call the landlord to get my neighbor's number to see if his fiance was at his house. Well, he didn't answer his cell phone, so i left a message. a few minutes later i looked out and saw the car was gone, but i thought i was still hearing things in his apartment, i called Eugene several times and he just kept telling me "if you think someone is over there, call the cops!" but me being the very trusting person that I am just thought his fiance was there, and I didn't want to call the cops on her. My neighbor calls back and tells me that he doesn't know that car and no one should be in his apartment. This is when I started thinking "oh my gosh... i think there's someone over there!" So i decide to be brave and peak out the back door to see if i see that car. sure enough I look around the corner and there is a black guy walking out of my neighbor's house! I said "Hey, what are you doing?" (i would have just gone inside and called the cops but he was already looking at me.) he mumbled something about checking the apartment and then my motherly instincts took over and I ran inside and locked the door and called the police. Of course as I was on the phone i started realizing all the things that should have happened had I done what I normally do.... i normally answer the door, he could have attacked me and hurt me and lexi, if I hadn't answered the second time, he probably would have broken in my apartment too. And if I had left at 8:45 like I was supposed to, our apartment would have been robbed too. The scarriest thought was that on any other day I would have been in the shower at that time, which means not only would he have broken in, he could have taken Lexi. I also started thinking "oh gosh, that guy saw me, he knows where i live, what if he comes back to hurt me?!" Anyway, after telling the police everything I could my neighbor came home (i called him and told him everything) and the police showed up and my friend came over. We left for the day- i was too scared to stay in the apartment alone.
Well, last night at 11 my friend calls me, she lives a mile away. She told me that the SWAT team was all over her neighbor hood with big spot lights and everything looking for someone, and she had called her friend who is a police officer and his wife told her that some guy broke into a house down the street from her and they caught him had him in the cop car, and he broke out the window and got away so they were searching for him. They found him not too long after he got out. I'm 95% sure it was the same guy, but I missed the news this morning and I'm waiting to see what they say. My husband's boss's wife said the thief told the cops he talked to someone threw a door.... WOO HOO, i made the news. LOL.

I was playing photographer

it's been a while

okay, maybe it's been too long! it's November 12th! There hasn't been too much exciting stuff going on here, friday was Eugene's birthday. He turned 27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIG! Today I got a job. Mon-Wed I'll be picking up two girls from school and staying with them until their mom gets home at 6:15 or so. It's not much, but it's a little extra money which will help since Christmas is just 6 weeks away. It will help make me feel like I do something during the week too. Stacy's birthday is soon. so is mine. so is my four year anniversary. scary. Anyway, I'm going to go to bed now. night!