My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

Lexi's first chocolate

Yup. we're such bad parents. Lexi is 7 months old and was enjoying her first candy bar. Hershey's with Almonds. We didn't let her have any of the nuts though. And yesterday she was enjoying my steak. She has no teeth so all she does is suck and get the juice, and man she loved it. She'd scream when i'd put it down and take a bit for me. She just wanted that steak in her mouth! Someday she'll be able to enjoy chewing it as much as she enjoys sucking on it!

Just another normal Wednesday

This week i've been watching Emma, my friend's baby. I normally just watch her Thursdays and Fridays but something came up with the lady who watches her the rest of the week. Which is fine, it's actually fun, She's 10 months old and crawls and pulls up on things- she entertains Lexi who just lays there and rolls like a log. :) Someday Lexi will figure out how to move by either army crawling or crawling normally... we're still waiting for that day. Anyway, they girls are both napping, so I thought I'd take advantage of the peace and quiet and blog a little bit. So Jes, what's going on in your life? I know that is what you all are wondering. so i'll answer that question.
Right now Eugene and I have been praying that things work out with this real estate agent we're working with and that we can get approved for a house. We've been excited and looking at houses online in our price range for a week now, but we're still waiting to hear if we can get a loan. That has pretty much consumed our thoughts as you can imagine it's quite exciting to think soon we could be in our own place.
Eugene's been busy at work and church lately, at work they are almost done remodeling the office to make room for another person. They've been so busy and had a lot of work come in that 2 people is no longer enough. They also have a high school intern who comes in for a couple hours every day. Our Church is also in the process of building. We bought a new building in January which was used primarily as a youth club, so they've been working on building a couple walls, and laying carpet over the basketball court (that's the new sanctuary). Eventually they are going to begin real construction work on building the nurseries and classrooms, for now they will be in portable buildings. And after the classrooms are built they will begin building a sanctuary. Another thing he's been busy with is the youth, he's one of the Middle school youth leaders and he loves it. Since spring is here and summer is coming they have a lot of activities planned, camps, retreats, trips... he's gonna be pretty busy. In two weeks they will be attending Aquire the Fire in Nashville for a weekend, then labor day weekend is survivor camp, then in June he will be in Florida for a whole week for camp. So yah, he's going to be busy. On top of it all he just informed me that his 10 year high school reunion is going to be soon... he's so old. ;)
Lexi's not doing much, aside from perfecting the rolling. She is very interesting in the crawling she sees Emma do though. She's still got a cold, actually, i'm begining to think she's got bad allergies to what? i don't know. She's already 7 months old- which i cannot believe and has a head that's in the 90th percentile. For those of you who don't know what the whole percentile thing means- that means her head is bigger than 90% of other 7 month old girls heads... yah she's got a big head.
Most of my day is consumed with cleaning, cooking, and watching the baby/babies. I also am quite addicted to the internet and love to spend Lexi's naps sitting here looking up whatever i can and talking to my friends on AIM. I'm also getting excited for Easter, we will be taking a trip to Texas to visit my mommy, step dad and all my step siblings. As well as the 3 new nieces i've never met. We will be flying which excites me even more cuz #1 i love flying, #2 it beats a 20 hour trip in a car with a baby! Oh, i've also been getting ready for a yard sale. I love to sell stuff. I recently decided I am sick of "pretties" (things that sit on shelves and collect dust just because they're cute to look at). So 90% of my "stuff" is sitting in a pile in the middle of my bedroom. Soon it will be moved to Kathy's basement/garage until whatever Saturday in April she has picked out for the yard sale. It really helps that we are hoping to be moving because i'm pretty sure we wont be getting anything bigger than the apartment that we're in so Eugene is willing to let stuff go so that our house isn't cluttered. (he's a bit of a pack-rat).
Ok, i need to go do my devo's and my Bible study before these girls wake up. Have a great day!