Too much to do, too little time

Things have been absolutely crazy since Christmas. I feel like I've had no time to just sit and do anything, let alone write a post. We decided last minute to make a trip up to Maine to see my family. it was about an 18 hour drive, so we stopped in New Jersey to break it up a bit. I have family there, so it makes it nice and easy to stop for the night. We also got to stop in New York to visit my good friend Jeremy and I got to see his daughter.

One thing we decided on this trip was that we need a mini van or something. We had too much luggage and toys and pack and plays... The car was very cramped. Add to it the fact that we hope to get pregnant again sometime in the next 6-9 months and we wont be going anywhere if we have a third baby!

While in Maine we got to see lots of snow, Sunday about 13" of snow fell on us, it was great. Lexi got to play in the snow with her cousins, it was great to just see her play with her cousins. We don't get to go up to Maine too often so she doesn't really know them very well, but luckily she's pretty outgoing, so she didn't mind.

In about 8 weeks I'll get to see my sister again, she's coming down to run a race with me. We were going to run a 10K in April, but because of classes she would have only been able to come down the night before and leave the night after the race, so we found an 8K that is the same time as her Spring break, so she'll be able to stay a bit longer. I am kinda nervous about running that long, but I have 8 weeks to get my distance up so I should be fine.

I'll post some pictures soon!